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Practical Sailing Courses in the Mediterranean

RYA 5 Day Practical Course

A course for aspiring skippers with some yachting experience and basic navigation and sailing skills. Learn to skipper a short passage with the instructor on hand to give advice and encouragement and ensure your safety. Experience being in charge, taking credit when it all goes well and being responsible when it doesn't. The course qualifies you for the International Certificate of Competence (available to British Citizens and residents), which is often required if you sail or charter in European countries.

Before this course, if you are not sure that your sailing is up to speed, a good way to learn is on an RYA Level 2 dinghy course. This will teach you to sail around a course and control the boat's speed. If it's help with navigation that you need, you should take the RYA Day Skipper shorebased course.

CONTENT: Preparation for sea, deck work, navigation, pilotage, meteorology, rules of the road, maintenance and repair work, engines, victualling, emergency situations, yacht handling under power, yacht handling under sail, passage making, night cruising.

During the course in Menorca we explore beautiful unspoilt coves each lunchtime. Evening stops may enable us to go alongside, in the pretty old fishing harbour of Fornells, famous for its great seafood restaurants, in Addaya or the old capital, Ciutadella.

Duration: 5 days
No of Students: 4/5 maximum and 2 minimum
Accommodation: 5/6 nights aboard
Qualification achieved: RYA Day Skipper / I.C.C. Cert.
Pre-Course experience: 5 days, 100 miles, 4 night hours on board a sailing yacht

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5 Day RYA Day Skipper Non Tidal Practical Course Syllabus

The Day Skipper course teaches pilotage, navigation, seamanship and boat handling up to the required standard to skipper a small cruising yacht safely by day in non-tidal waters with which the student is familiar.

Preparation for sea
Is able to prepare a yacht for sea, including engine checks, selection of sails, securing and stowage of all gear on deck and below

Deck Work
Can reef, shake out reefs and change sails to suit prevailing conditions Can prepare an anchor, mooring warps and take charge on deck when mooring alongside, coming to a buoy, anchoring, weighing anchor and slipping from a buoy or alongside berth

Is proficient in chartwork and routine navigational duties on passage including:
- Taking and plotting visual fixes
- Use of electronic navigation equipment for position fixing
- Use of waypoints
- Working up to EP
- Estimating tidal heights and tidal streams
- Working out course to steer to allow for tidal stream, leeway and drift
- Knowledge of buoyage
- Maintenance of navigational records
- Use of echo sounder and lead line

- Can prepare and execute a pilotage plan for entry into, or departure from, harbour
- Understands the use of leading and clearing lines
- Use of transits and surroundings as aids to pilotage

- Knows sources of forecast information
- Can interpret shipping forecasts and use a barometer as a forecasting aid

Rules of the road
- Has a working knowledge of the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea

Maintenance and repair work
- Understands and is able to carry out maintenance tasks
- Knows the properties and uses of common synthetic fibre ropes

- Knows how to change fuel and water filters, pump impeller and to bleed the fuel system

- Understands how to victual a yacht

Emergency situations
- Is able to take correct action as skipper for recovery of man overboard
- Understands distress flares and how to use a liferaft
- Can operate a radiotelephone in an emergency and send a distress message
- Understands how to secure a tow
- Understands rescue procedures including helicopter rescue

Yacht handling under power
- Can bring a boat safely to and from an alongside berth, mooring buoy and anchor under various conditions
- Can steer and trim sails effectively on all points of sailing

Passage making
- Can plan and make a coastal passage, taking account of relevant navigational hazards and limitations imposed by the type of boat and the strength of the crew

Night cruising
- Has experienced sail cruising at night, including leaving and entering harbour. Understands the special consideration for pilotage plans, keeping a lookout and identifying marks by night

- Working efficiency is unaffected/partially affected/severely affected by seasickness

Helmsmanship and sailing
- Understands the basic principles of sailing and can steer and trim sails on all points of sailing
- Can steer a compass course, under sail and power

General duties
- Has carried out general duties satisfactorily on deck and below decks in connection with the daily routine of the vessel

2017 FEES (Including Spanish vat/iva) Course Fees per Person
Course Code Description Duration Low Season 1 Oct to 20 May Mid Season 21 May to 22 July & 3-30 Sep High Season 23 July to 2 Sep
DS Day Skipper 5 Days €710 €775 €995
Exclusive family & group courses available in Menorca all year round from €2480 per course from €3100 from €3980 per course


“A fantastic course. I really enjoyed myself, the course was really well taught which enabled me to learn so much. Menorca Cruising were very friendly and the instruction from Ricardo was first class”.

“I was particularly impressed with the way in which Ricardo identified the family dynamics and helped us all to work and operate independently of these”.

“I had a great week. Andy dealt with all our different levels very well making sure everyone got to try everything. I was never made to feel stupid and he answered all of my questions. I feel much more confident than at the beginning of the week”.

“I was very impressed with Andy as an instructor. He was extremely thorough and very flexible in his teaching based on the conditions. He allowed us to go beyond the Competent Crew syllabus and helped with further work that would be useful for Day Skipper. The room was better than expected. I would definitely recommend to friends to come here to do similar courses and will return if I charter a yacht”.

“With Andy we had an excellent balance of thorough professional instruction and enjoyment of the holiday”.

“Fabulous course - Jam packed and at a great pace. Ricardo was brilliant not only in instruction and support for the Day Skipper syllabus but with really useful practical tips that only come with experience. Thank you so much - Thank you Elizabeth for being on the end of the email too. Great team”!

“Ricardo has an excellent teaching manner and maintained a consistently high level of professionalism throughout. It was a pleasure to have experienced a course with an instructor who demonstrated such a depth and breadth of knowledge. Very impressed thank you Ricardo”.

“Andy was a very knowledgeable instructor with the patience of a saint! Thank you for a great week”.

“A fabulous course and an amazing experience. The perfect mix pf serious and relaxation. I feel like I've learnt a huge amount and had a holiday at the same time. Brill!! Thank you to Heidi, superb instructor and great fun”.

“I absolutely loved the course and made some really fantastic friends. I am completely smitten with sailing now and plan to do my Day Skipper Theory in September. Hopefully will return to Menorca Cruising to do the practical next summer, and perhaps talk some of my friends into doing the competent crew at the same time. Thanks for a brilliant holiday”!

“The course was arranged to cover training needs of a family with mixed sailing experience using our family’s own boat. All members achieved their needs and had a most enjoyable week. Many Thanks to John”.

RYA Start Yachting » 2 Day course for beginners / those with some dinghy experience €315 / €350
RYA Competent Crew » 5 Day course for beginners / those with some dinghy experience €710 / €775
Competent Crew Extra Skills » 5 Day course for those who have completed their Competent Crew €710 / €775 / €995
RYA Day Skipper » 5 Day course for those who already know how to sail and have an understanding of navigation theory €710 / €775
RYA Luxury Courses » Exclusive courses for groups on our Beneteau 48 or Beneteau 473. Designed for those who want tuition on a larger yacht from €775
Day Skipper Refresher » 5 Day course for those wanting to refine their skills €710 / €775
ICC Assessment » Half Day Assessment for those with sailing experience €295
Mile Building Cruises » Longer passages with tuition €1035
Coastal Skipper Practical » For those with plenty of logged miles and night hours €775
Yachtmaster Coastal & Offshore Prep » Preparation courses for Yachtmaster Coastal and Offshore Exams €815 / €1165
Powerboat 1 & 2 Learn to operate a small rib or powerboat and gain your ICC p.o.a.
Charter with Tuition » Learn to sail while on a charter holiday with your own skipper and training designed for you and your family or group p.o.a.


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RYA Day Skipper Courses in Menorca
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RYA Day Skipper Courses in Menorca
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